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Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses teach you some useful skills as you prepare for a mud run. You'll find new opportunities to test your abilities, explore your limits and train your sense of balance. You'll get dirty, muddy, and eventually soaking wet in many obstacle courses; it's almost always part of it.

An obstacle course is a series of challenging physical obstacles an individual or team must navigate usually while being timed. Obstacle course can include running, climbing, jumping, crawling and balancing elements with the aim of testing endurance. Sometimes a course involves mental tests.

Main Attractions

An assault obstacle course is usually messy and filled with mud and muddy water. The distances are usually shorter than in a mud run, but you will find a lot more interesting obstacles, designed and placed to fit each venue.


  • Tunnel crawl leading into a pool or large puddle
  • Muddy water slides
  • Water ditches
  • Slippery hill climbs
  • Barricades with mud on both sides
  • Tire obstacles
  • Cargo net crawl and net climb
  • Tent canvas over soft mud pits
  • River crossings with floating obstacles
  • and the final big mud pit

All Out Action

At the start you may find helpful staff ready to hose you down with refreshing water as you go across the course. Then go and jump into the water ditches or climb through muddy tunnel.

The last mud pit is the most challenging because it is covered with ropes and nets. This of course means you have to get down into the mud on your hands and knees and crawl under the ropes to get to the other side.

Don't let these obstacle courses scare you. You can go at your own pace at all times. One of the best ways to make it through the tough bits is to enlist the help of one of your teammates.

After the Event

After the event take a relaxing bath in the mud pit. Especially your children will enjoy the opportunity to get wet and muddy with their clothes on. It is incredible fun.

Recommendend Clothing

The water may be cold, so dress up warm. You will definitely get wet. Wear old sneakers and comfortable clothes. These clothes should be unlined or they hold a lot of water and air pockets. Keep some waterproof clothes at hand to keep warm.

Your local Army Surplus Shop may have most of the clothes and shoes you want for this game. Their gear is robust and inexpensive.

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