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Mud Run Reader Story

by Jeroen from Holland

Outdoor mud runner Just after my 16th birthday I took part in a mud run for the first time. I've enjoyed swimming in clothes for years, but this was something completely new. It was awesome! I was so excited!

Getting ready

As soon as I got there, I changed into my running clothes, even though I still had an hour until the race. I put on tight jeans and an orange cotton vest. This left my arms free for the swimming parts.

The ankle high shoes had to be laced up tightly or they would get stuck in the mud. Sport socks should avoid blisters. My two friends were on the sidelines telling me not to stop if I lose a shoe, just KEEP RUNNING!

I couldn't wait to get into that mud in this outfit, but I knew I should wait until the race to get in, so the extra mud wouldn't slow me down! One of the runners who just returned from a race, all wet and muddy, tried to wrestle me and I almost fell into a canal. This left me a bit damp and dirty.

Race starts

Finally, it was time for the race to start! I ran to the starting line to get in good running position. The track had become wet and slippery during the earlier races.

My heart was pounding. Any moment now I would be in that mud. The horn sounded and I took off running across the wet meadow towards the first muddy canal. I jumped in.

The mud felt amazing!

It was warm, squishy and wet! I wanted to stop and play in the mud, but I knew I had to finish this race first. The race went through several muddy canals, some narrow, others so wide I had to swim across.

The banks of the canals were very slippery, so the best way was to just jump in. To get out I had to get down into the mud and climb out all fours. This got me more and more covered in mud. Some of it came off in the next water crossing.

Friends join in

I came in 5th place for boys under 18. After the race was finished, I grabbed my two friends and we bolted back into the muddy water. They've never tried before and were keen get soaked with warm wet mud, just like I did during the race. They really enjoyed it and looked hot with all their shiny wet clothes on. We played in the mud and water for what seemed like hours, until it was time to clean up in the showers and head home.

It was a very fun day. Now I know what it must feel like to be a PIG!

What was it like to run in the mud?
Wow, yes, it was REALLY FUN !!!

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