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Pool Party Dress Code

A pool party is more fun if you set a simple dress code. This adds more excitement and makes it easier for shy people who have not been in the water fully clothed. Give out a special prize for the best dressed guest and the one wearing the most clothing items.

  1. No Swimwear! You wouldn't go in swim briefs to a regular party, likewise with a pool party.

  2. Nobody goes topless.
    T-shirt and shorts are the minimum.

  3. Morphsuits or Zentai Suits are cool, because they make everybody laugh.

  4. Dress to impress in clean and neat clothes, no rags. Your dress should be upscale casual and comfortable to blend in with the cool atmosphere.

  5. Theme Parties add more interest. You can have a Hoodie Party where only hooded garments are allowed. Or run a Sportswear, Rainwear, Lycra Lads or Black Tie event.

Baggy Clothes

Baggy clothes are huge fun when splashing around and more comfy for pool parties, both in or out of the water. They usually don't chafe and feel great when they slop around you on poolside or gently caress you in the water.

Loose fitting clothes in the pool make snogging others much more fun and interesting. You can hide your excitement to most guests, but share it easily with those close to you.

If you prefer a more casual look, a long T-shirt and and baggy pants is the way to go. You can choose any type of T-shirt from a simple elegant one of high quality fabric or a cotton tee with a snappy remark on it.

Whatever your choice, you can’t go wrong with baggy clothes at a pool party. In fact, you can even bring a few extra long tall shirts in a few sizes larger than usual to use for layering. That just looks and feels amazing. Wear light colours over darker ones for best effect.

Change of Clothes

Always bring one or more changes of clothes to any pool party as you'll probably get soaking wet. You may not want to spend all your time in the pool, so change into soft dry clothes and enjoy a break from the water.

While you chill out, anticipate the excitement of getting your dry clothes wet in a few minutes. Talk to others how they would get you soaking wet again. Exchange ideas and see what happens. Then go back to the pool and see how long it takes before someone pushes you in, or gets your dry clothes wet with a soggy hug.

Pool modest swimsuit black
Occasionally take a break and change into dry clothes.
Pool modest swimsuit black
See how long you can stay dry until someone gets you wet again.

Socks and Shoes

Clean footwear is an important part of what to wear to a pool party, such as flip flops or other easy to put on sandals which have good grips on the soles.

Easy slip on canvas sports shoes with socks are a good choice because you are more likely to wear them the entire time you are poolside. This will protect you from slipping or exposure to germs. Avoid regular shoes with smooth soles which cause falls when combined with a wet deck.

One More Thing

No matter how you choose to outfit yourself, there are some important things to bring to a pool party. Bring a towel or two. Remember to keep one outfit dry for your way home.

When you're outside wear and bring along a high-number sunscreen and clothes that will provide a barrier to the sun. Wear a hat or sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Regardless of what you wear to a pool party, remember to relax and have fun. It’s party time!

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