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Wellness Resort

by Ronan from Ireland

I worked as a pool attendant at a wellness resort hotel in Spain that caters mainly for young active professionals. Many of them are computer geeks who work in new start-up companies. They are excentric, but fun. Their choice of swimwear is often unusual.

The management knew that I like swimming in clothes, which is why he got the job, along with two likeminded others. Our task was to assist the guests in any way, even if it meant getting into the pool right away.

Staff Room

The staff room is in a hut right by the outdoor pool. We were issued several uniforms, like shirts, tracksuits, jogging suits, and breathable anoraks that were not waterproof, just for sun protection. We had to wear our red and yellow uniform all the time while on duty, even in the pool.

Whenever staff members got wet, they could change into dry clothes if they wanted to. There was a shelf with many sports clothes which they could use for swimming, or lend to guests who forgot their swimwear.


While the other pool attendants went to some training, I put on this windproof nylon uniform and headed for the pool, looking good. I was tidying the pool side and wondered if there would be an opportunity to go into the pool today. It didn't take long.

First Dip

One of the guests had dropped his hotel key into the outdoor pool and asked me to retrieve it. I fetched the net on a long pole and tried to get the key. It didn't work.

"Maybe you just jump in and get it," suggested the guest, "that's what you're here for, right?"

"Of course," I replied with a smile, jumped in, got the key and handed it back to the grateful guest.

Pool Cleaning

I can swim very well, like a little seal, even in clothes. The uniform was very comfortable and pleasant to wear in the water.

While I was in the pool, I swam around to pick up some leaves and sticks, clean the overflow boxes and the pool tiles near the edge. Walking around the pool area to check that all was in order, I found that this wet uniform also felt good out of the water, not clingy, just comfy. I decided to keep it on and let it dry in the warm air.

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