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Beach Jobs

Jobs on the beach are fun but can be demanding. Whether it's career opportunities, job enrichment or a supportive work environment; if you are ready for this challenge, then this section is for you.

Open Water Survival Swimming Teacher

Open water and survival swimming is an upcoming trend sport that requires capable teachers. Your task is to assist and train swimmers, teach essential survival swimming skills, and advise on appropriate warm clothing.

Often you accompany groups on short excursions, swimming along the beach. Lessons can take a few hours, so it is important to saty warm. This can often be a physically demanding job, but is great fun.

Resort Beach Concierge

Beach staff work in an environment that demands exceptional performance yet reaps great rewards. This position is responsible for making arrangements upon request and confirm the water activities, respond promptly with accurate and creative suggestions to meet guest's needs. Since you often have to go into the water when helping boats on and off the beach, your uniform should be quick drying and look representable both wet or dry.

Banana Boat Crew

by Tony from Singapore

We are three friends who run banana boats on the beach. One drives the motor boat, one sells tickets on the beach, and one is in the water and helps the customers onto the banana boat and often joins them on the ride. This is a rather wet job. We take turns so we all get a chance to stay wet and cool in the heat.

Our work clothes are just T-shirts with jeans or long pants and beach sandals. During the midday hours (10:00-16:00) we also wear wet hoodies to keep cool and sunsafe.

Dive Jobs

by Steve from Florida, USA

I scuba dive frequently and often am called to do dive jobs for different people. They always expect me to show up in the regular neoprene wetsuit (which I have to wear in the winter due to it being so friggin cold).

But in the warmer months they are always surprise when I jump in with just my regular clothes, like jeans, hoodie, boots and all. Then they laugh about it and all is well.

The last job I did this week, the guy said: "You're going in with just your clothes?" and his wife said: "Honey, he always does that. Where you been at?" Then after he got done laughing, again, all was well. He obviously had no problem with it, I'm going out next week for another dive job for him, with the same wet "suit".

Beach Restaurant

by Bruce from Cairns, Australia

When I was a teenager, my parents ran a beach restaurant. I was one of the dishwashers. What a wonderful soaking wet job. I spent the next five summers with my jeans totally soaked.

As soon as I arrived, there would be a pile of dirty dishes, so I would rinse them off with a sprayer, with the dish deflecting the water to my jeans. In less than five minutes, the front of my jeans and T-shirt was totally soaked.

Sometimes I wore a jeans shirt with long sleeves, so I would fill the pots and pans sink up to the brim with water and place a number of dirty pots in the water at the bottom, so I would have to reach down to the bottom to retreive them, soaking my shirt sleeve to the armpit. Then I would bring the pot to the surface with it full of water, place the pot against my stomach and vigorously scrub it out with water heading down my shirt and jeans.

Often I would have to take the mats out of the dishwashing room and hose them off. This was another soaking wet adventure.

There was a river between our house and the restaurant, so often I would walk in the river to get to the restaurant, thereby arriving totally soaked. The waitresses, (who are still friends of mine), could not believe how soaked I was at all times.

Sometimes, my mother would ask me to clear tables, so I would put an apron over my soaking wet jeans attire, and head out to do that, but generally I was in my dishwashing room. I also did the lawn at the restaurant, always in completely soaked jeans. The guests found that amusing and recommended the restaurant to the friends.

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