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Jet Ski: Splashing Around at Speed

A jet ski is a recreational personal water craft (PWC) that the rider sits or stands on, rather than inside, as in a boat. Models have an inboard engine driving a pump jet that has a screw-shaped impeller to create thrust for propulsion and steering. They are often referred by the brand names WaveRunner, Jet Ski, or Sea-Doo.

Most are designed for two or three people, though four-passenger models exist. Stand-up jet skis were first to see mass production and are popular for single riders. The invention of jet skis is credited to Clayton Jacobson of Arizona, originally a motocross enthusiast.

Modern jet skis include a lanyard attached to a dead man's switch, to turn off the vessel if your falls off, provided the lanyard is attached to you.

Surfers use jet skis to get to waves and get up to speed with them; this is known as tow-in surfing. Jet skis can also be used for towing water skiers on flat water.

Control and Handling

Jet skis present safety concerns in terms of their ability to steer. Since steering is achieved from aiming the nozzle of the pump jet, there is no rudder involved, which means the craft cannot be steered in an emergency breakdown situation.

Steering is significantly reduced when the throttle is not being applied; this leads to dangerous situations because it is against one's instinct in an emergency to accelerate. However, turning is not effective without doing so.

After market products are available to help with this problem, including different types of rudder steering systems such as Cobra Jet Steering. Sea-Doo added the OPAS (Off-Power Assisted Steering) system, which uses rudders installed on the rear sides of the jetski to assist with steering.

Injury Hazards

Are you aware of the dangers? Well some dangers and excitement are part of the fun but nothing is worth such injuries as those that can be caused be lack of protections against falling. Safety suits or robust clothes are worth the effort.

Apart from the obvious hazards of collisions and mechanical breakdowns common to all vehicles, jetskis feature the unique hazard of orifice injuries.

Such injuries are the logical result of the unusually close proximity of jetski riders to the output end of the pump jet, as well as the fact that personal watercraft are usually not enclosed. A rider who falls (or is ejected) off the back can land directly in the path of the jetski's high-pressure jet of water.

Wear Robust Clothes

Unless a rider is appropriately dressed in garments made out of a strong fabrics, the jet will easily penetrate any orifice it reaches. The consequences include permanent disability or death.

Get properly kitted out in clothes that can get wet. Wear robust kite pants or jeans, a long sleeve top like a hoodie or nylon anorak for sunburn protection and a lifevest. Now you're ready for wet fun on the water.

Jetski Hire

by Robert, White Beach, Puerto Galery, Philippines

Get prepared for the adrenaline surge you've been sitting tight for! Move on board one of our powerful stream skis and experience the enjoyment of riding in the warm waters of Puerto Galera. Ride single or bend over and hold tight! You'll get soaking wet really fast!

My main job is to hire out jetskis and banana boats on the beach. I'm out on the beach all day and often have to jump in the water.

Our jetskis are moored about 30 meters from the beach so they don't get scratched by the stones on the beach.

When customers want to rent one, I swim out and bring one near the beach, jump into the shallow water and hold it for the customers to climb on. Then they wade in waist deep, climb on, and dash off for some wet fun.

Jetski Safari

A Jetski Safari is an experience in which you will receive a safety briefing and instruction from a qualified personal watercraft instructor before taking to the water. No prior experience needed.

Once on the water the instructor will give you further guidance to get you comfortable with both driving the Jetski and your aqua surroundings. When you feel in control of the jetski you will be led on a guided safari by an instructor on a seperate lead Jetski.

You will experience the performance of a jetski both near the beach and out on the open sea along the stunning coastline.


Lycra swim shirts with long nylon pants and anoraks or windshirt provide adequate sun protection and dry quickly.

Reader Comment

Bought a used jetski and took it out often on the bay wearing my tight skinny jeans with a tight black pullover and a white shirt. Got some strange looks when I put it into the water at the dock. Who cares?

Managed to stay mostly dry until I get out on the water. Slowly started to get wet by creating a nice water spray until I couldn't stand it anymore and just had to bury the nose to get completely covered with water.

Then I trimmed the nose down and hang my feet over the edge. The water runs up my pant legs to my waist and turned my jeans so dark and shiney.

Next I jumped into the water to get my pullover and shirt wet. You should have seen the looks I got when I arrived back at the dock.

Went one step better the other day by sprinkling J-lube to the inside of my jeans and pullover. When I got soaked you wouldn't believe how slippery and shiney my clothes became, almost slid off the seat.

Getting wet doesn't get any better than this. Wish someone was there who would appreciate the look and awesome feeling. ~Soakeeed

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