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Beach Fun Sports

The beach is the goto place for lots of wet fun. In this section we share a few ideas for soaking wet games, and a some reader comments. Over time we intend to report on as many wet beach sports as we can find.

Get Wet and Enjoy !

Let's face it, the point of many beach sports is to get wet and enjoy a refreshing dip every now and then. Beach sports provide fun and excitement, especially in a group of friends.

The thrill is in the uncertainty when you hit the water, especially when you're fully clothed. You try to stay dry for as long a possible, but soon your clothes get splashed a little. Before you know it a wave hits you, or you fall in and get completely soaked. Enjoy!

Reader Stories

Sea Swimming

by Tom from Portsmouth, England

I have always been a keen indoor pool swimmer and runner. Last summer I took up open water swimming because I wanted a new challenge and adventure in the water.

Without initially knowing what to expect, I joined a sea swimming group and developed a love for open water swimming. They are quite a crazy bunch who always swim fully clothed, most of them former or active Marines.

On my first day I was shown how to dress for sea swimming. They lent me military surplus clothes, like heavy pants, a soft pullover top, socks and shoes.

Once we were all dressed we ran into the sea and they showed me how to swim in clothes. This was quite hard at first, but as I got stronger over time it now is great fun.

Beach Fun Story

Posted by Mega

This happened last summer, but I thought I'd share it, looking forward to the start of summer here in a couple months.

I was at the beach with a group of friends. One of my friends and I always like to joke around with each other. We started by playing some volleyball in the sand. Afterwards, we talked about going out into the water to cool off, but didn't really want to go swimming.

However, the water at this beach only got about knee deep unless you went way, way out. So we decided to just walk out into the water, not intending to get wet or anything since we weren't wearing swimsuits (at least some of us weren't).

So, the whole time we were walking out in the water, my friend keeps saying how he's going to throw me in the water and get me soaked. After saying it like 5 times, I decided to get the jump on him. When the water got knee deep, I came up behind him, grabed him, and pulled him backwards, dunking him in the water.

He was wearing black shorts with a black and white t-shirt. As he sat there in the water, he almost couldn't believe what I just did. I told him, "You kept talking about throwing me in the water first, so I thought I'd get the jump on you."

He got up smiling and laughing and charged at me. We're about equal in strength and size, but I am slightly bigger. Being in knee deep water, I knew I wasn't going to get away, and since he was already wet, he wouldn't mind going down with me, so I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before I got soaked.

But I was going to make him work for it. I managed to hold him off for about a minute. I pushed him and he took another dunk in the water, then he stayed down and grabed my leg. I couldn't counter that, so I got dunked in the water wearing my lightweight black athletic shorts and a dark navy blue t-shirt. We were both laughing about it afterwards. Fun day.

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